Business Plans

The start of any great business. From a napkin to a formal business plan. We author dozens of business plans every year. We've provided a "typical" structure that we follow although the specifics depend on the startup and the industry. We've also provided a few sample snapshots.


Business plans can range from 20 pages to a few hundred pages depending on the geography, the investor and the industry. It is not unusual for business plans to take months to complete. We typically complete business plans between 1-2 weeks.

Sections that we include in every business plan:

  1. Executive Summary (usually written last)
  2. Company Description (company structure and ownership)
  3. Industry Overview
  4. Market Need/Opportunity
  5. Your Solution
  6. Competition
  7. Target Market
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Implementation Strategy (Product Development & Operations)
  10. Financials
  11. Technology
  12. Business Model (description of the different revenue streams and how your business makes money)
  13. SWOT Analysis
  14. Management Team
  15. Future Product Development and Timeline
  16. Financials: Key Business Ratios & Scenario Testing

We also review completed business plans to improve the structure, tone, grammar, flow of the story, suggest any missing "gaps" in the plan and suggest business model improvements (if necessary). 

Still not convinced?

Read the testimonial from Julien, an entrepreneur who hired us for a comprehensive business plan.