1: What can I expect once I place an order?

Step 1: If you have an existing presentation, please send it to us. If you need a deck created from scratch, we'll send you a short list of questions to get started.

Step 2: We'll prepare the 1st draft (3-4 slides) to show you the design direction that we will be taking. 

Step 3: Based on your feedback on the 1st draft, we'll prepare a 2nd draft (total of 6-7 slides)

Step 4: The final draft will include the financials and any revisions requested in earlier drafts. (You will need to provide us with a financial model in Excel - or we can create this for you for an additional fee)

Please note: We manage all communications with clients only via email. This is a requirement from our legal counsel as it keeps a written record of all our communications as part of our global consulting service. It helps avoid misunderstandings during later stages of the project with the added benefit of allowing our team to manage our limited time efficiently over multiple projects and time-zones. This policy has been a critical ingredient to our success over the years as it allows clients to provide thoughtful feedback to our work.

#2. Why did you decide on 10 slides?

We didn't. Your audience did. It's generally recommended to keep your slide deck to 10 slides for any presentation designed to reach an agreement. For more on this philosophy, click here. That being said, it is common to see technical presentations (for example in healthcare, life sciences, AI) to run into 15 slides.

#3. What tools do you use to design the deck?

We dislike cookie-cutter decks as they lack personality. In order to create a custom branded deck for you, we use a combination of the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac Keynote using the existing color scheme from your website or logo. We also use premium stock images and fonts.

#4. What is the best format to share my pitch deck?

We recommend Adobe PDF. We will send you both the editable version of your pitch deck as well as a high-resolution, email-friendly PDF version in 16:9 aspect ratio. We chose this format because it displays perfectly (including custom fonts) across all devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones; and across all operating systems.

#5. Why should I pay for your services when I can do this myself?

Since 2005, we have designed hundreds of pitch decks for clients across the globe. "Pitching" is an art and it can take a considerable amount of time to master. By hiring us, you can utilize your time on business-critical functions instead!

#6. Do you sign an NDA?

No we do not. We come across hundreds of pitch decks every year and would never be able to keep track of all the legal red-tape involved. We do however give you our word that we will never share your deck without your permission. If you feel particularly protective about any sensitive information, please remove it from your notes before sending it to us. You can always add it in later!

#7. Do I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately, this is a custom service that offers a combination of design and business strategy consulting. We do not offer refunds after an order has been placed so please ask us any questions you might have in advance, by getting in touch via our Contact Us page or through our chat support.