Video Pitches

If you're looking for something a little more dynamic (and shorter) than a traditional slide-based presentation, we recommend purchasing one of our animated video pitches. We offer them in 4 different styles (see samples below). Our rate includes script preparation, storyboard, voice-over (male or female, as per your preference) as well as final delivery in 1080p HD resolution. 2 rounds of revisions included. 

Kinetic Typography

Combining text and vectors, this video does not require any voice-over at all since we animate the script itself. We do recommend a nice soundtrack to help engage the audience. Recommended for B2B and B2C startups.

2D Animated Characters

Combined with voice-over, this is one of the most common styles of video pitches used by startups today to communicate their concept. We include professional voice-over in our fixed-rate - offering a selection of male/female voices in Australian/American/British accents if required.

3D Product Demos

We can help you transform those paper-based product sketches into a video animation. This is particularly useful for early-stage innovations from researchers, scientists and product designers to explain their vision in better detail. We particularly recommend this for startups that intend to raise capital before the prototyping stage.

Whiteboard Animation

This is a great style for explainer videos that intend to breakdown a concept or a system to a newbie. For example, if you want to explain to someone what "Blockchain Technology" means. This is especially suited for startups offering process innovation within their industries.

Campaign Video

This is a personal interview-style video pitch that we use to help entrepreneurs promote their product or service. Recommended for startups that have an existing product or service and are looking to grow their audience/user-base.