As an entrepreneur or startup, you already know that a solid investor pitch presentation includes several important elements: challenges, opportunities, and numbers.

However, many core startup business teams consist of the “business and marketing” person and the “technical person”. Together, they both bring excellent ideas and strategies to the table, but they often lack the necessary experience with financials.

As businesses grow to 10+ employees, they focus more on financial projections and forecasting. However, businesses can get ahead of the game by working with a team of qualified professionals to prepare financials in a creative, compelling way during the stage of raising capital.

How Can We Help?

Our team of financial modeling experts work with Excel to organize and display your data and financials in a clean yet striking way that is easy to see and digest. Here are some ways we can help:

Clean, Striking Excel Models

Our excel models are clean, organized, attractive and they make sense. With our Excel models, you won’t just see numbers. In addition to providing Excel models, our team of experts also prepares customized “how-to-use-this-model” videos to help you navigate the model.

Multiple Scenarios

In addition to providing financial projections, we also include the good, bad, worst-case scenarios, providing you with a comprehensive, big-picture view of your financials.

Models Built From The Bottom-Up

Our models don’t show how big the current market is and how your company can get a slice of that market. Our team builds financial models from the bottom-up rather than top-down. We begin with the roots and baseline data and build a big-picture view of how large the company will grow in the future.

Valuation Sheet

In addition to providing financial forecasting and financial projections in a beautiful model, we also provide a valuation sheet. In our experience, providing different valuations puts startups in a better and more confident position for negotiating with investors.

In addition to working with Excel, our team also has experience designing and creating compelling financial models in PowerPoint, PowerBI, Tableau, and other data-visualization software.

Financial Models That Are Smart and Beautiful

Our team of financial modeling experts can take basic financials, such as your cash flow statement and financial spreadsheet and turn them into beautiful, creative, and appealing models, while also retaining the depth and integrity of the data.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, if you are looking for help with organizing and presenting your financial projections or your financial forecasting, then get in touch with our team of financial model specialists today to learn more about how we can help you.