On-Demand Content and Design Support for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare and biotech professionals and researchers have deep expertise in scientific and technical areas. Many of the topics that they talk about are valuable to society, however, many professionals miss their audiences with poorly-designed slide decks and a disorganized pitch flow. This makes it difficult for the audience to understand and digest the key information or insights that healthcare professionals attempt to communicate.

If you’ve been in this situation before, you understand that the quality of your presentation and pitch matters. With a clear and well-designed presentation that easily stands out, healthtech startups and researchers can make a huge difference in standing out among their peers and competition.

How Can We Help?

For healthcare and biotech startup teams, we are the perfect design solution that can step in and help startups better pitch and present their solutions with minimal overhead.

Our team of experts has successfully helped doctors and health tech individuals shrink 20+ overly-complex slides down to only 3 to 4 slides without sacrificing crucial information or the depth of the topic.

In our experience, the best way to achieve this is in two primary ways:


We take the primary problem and break it down to one or two key statements that make sense with the audience (investors or customers).


We present a key piece of the solution that answers the problem above. We then present other pieces of the solution as either add-on features or even later-planned releases throughout the deck. In short, we split up the solutions into the most relevant to investors, then present the nice-to-have features, and finally, future plans.

In addition to simplifying and presenting the problem and solution in a condensed and concise way, we also help drastically improve visuals and the overall pitch deck design. For example, we create flowcharts, graphs, and other visual aides to increase and improve the presentation as a whole.

Timely Pitch Deck Design Service for Biotechs

Our team of experienced biotech pitch deck design professionals works with healthcare, medtech, and biotech startups to help create and design clear, concise, and attractive pitch decks. We offer timely service because we understand the technical content of their presentations and we know just how to improve the content, the design, and the flow to create a solid presentation.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, if you are looking for help with organizing and presenting your healthcare pitch deck, then get in touch with our team of financial model specialists today to learn more about how we can help you.