Sales Decks

If you are planning on pitching to potential customers or partners you're going to need a sales deck. We have worked on both product and service sales decks for manufacturers, technology solution providers and entrepreneurs. Samples of our work are provided below.

Value Proposition

One of the fundamental goals of any sales deck is to demonstrate the value of the product or the solution. In order to do this, it is also important to accurately identify the problem. We can help you do this through the use of clearly-defined slides and case studies.


Sales Deck Analytics

In addition to preparing the sales decks, we can even track the metrics of how well they perform (when they are sent out via email or the web). This includes which slide were opened by the lead, as well as how much time they spent on each slide. You can use this to continue to improve the sales deck over time. (Analytics is a free tool that is offered to every client that purchases our sales deck service)


To view a full-length sample of one of our sales decks, click on the image below then enter your email and the password "APITCHDECK"

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