Market research is not for the faint-hearted. In order to accurately understand your industry, your competitors and your target audience you could spend hundreds of hours scouring the web for data. Then, you would need to filter that data for information that is relevant to your pitch. We can make this task easier for you.

In addition to 10+ years of market research experience, we have access to premium industry databases that allow us to access information that is not freely available on the web. Some of the research activities that we offer include:

1. Competitive Analysis and Mapping
2. Market Sizing and Growth
3. Customer Personas

Competitive Analysis and Mapping

We identify your closest competitors and find relevant differentiating factors to help you successfully convince investors and other stakeholders that you can succeed in the marketplace. Below you can find a few samples of our competitive research. 

Market Sizing and Growth

How big is your market? What is your Total Addressable Market? What is your Serviceable Available Market? What is your Serviceable Obtainable Market? How fast is your market growing?

These are data points that investors are interested in. We can help you find these numbers and present them.

Customer Personas

When you start working on your marketing strategy, it helps to internalize the ideal customer that you are trying to attract. This allows you to relate to them as human being and build a personalized sales experience. We can help you build detailed buyer/customer personas for your startup as well as detailed marketing strategies to reach these customers.

Still not convinced?

Hear what Joe Liebke, the founder and CEO of had to say about our services below.