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One of the most important elements of any pitch - the numbers. When it comes to data, we obsess on the following attributes:
1. Relevance
2. Clarity

There are various tools at our disposal to help you achieve interactive, insightful reports. Take a look at some of our samples on this page. Then get in touch with us for a custom quote!

Simple Data: Excel + PowerPoint

We can work with Excel to clean up your data and build clean minimalist yet striking charts. We also work with PowerPoint to display this data in creative ways. (click on the images below to enlarge them)

Complex Data: PowerBI or Tableau

When you are working with larger data sets (examples include: portfolios of investments funds, etc) we can work with PowerBI or Tableau to display your data in interactive ways. This can lead to new insights and is an effective tool for strategic planning.


We created the below portfolio manager in PowerBI for an investment fund to view their ROI from different perspectives. (actual information changed to protect client confidentiality)

It is best viewed on a larger screen due to the size of the dashboard (i.e. it may not display correctly on your cell phone). Feel free to play around with it. You can switch between pages at the bottom of the model. 


We created the below expense-manager in Tableau for an international SME to view their expenses by month by category and by country on a single dashboard. This is useful for budget planning. (actual information changed to protect client confidentiality)

Still not convinced?

Hear what Mais Safadi, the founder of had to say about our financial services below.