We have designed entire branding campaigns for some of our clients. This post is a brief summary of our branding for JADE, a Los Angeles based medical marijuana delivery startup which works exclusively through a mobile application similar to Uber.

jade logo development

For the logo, Jade wanted to be represented by a friendly elephant mascot. The concept of the elephant trunk representing the "J" in Jade guided our design throughout the process. The client was presented with 3 different options for the logo design and all 3 were developed to the finished look. The final choice always rests with the client and for this project they wanted a "jade" shade of green in their logo as well as soft but clear lines. Here is the final Jade logo that inspired the rest of the brand design:

jade logo final

In addition to the logo, Jade requested us to design preliminary wireframes for their mobile application. We designed screens for the buyer as well as the vendors (drivers). These app wireframes were essential to visualizing the end product and service.


The next step was to put all the functions of the Jade concept together on a clean, minimalist website. The website introduced the app to interested parties, such as potential investors.

Finally the client was presented with a complete set of the brand's design principles that they could use to create any new branding material in the future.