3 reasons why you should start investing on Brickowner today

I first heard about Brickowner in October 2018 when I invested in their 6th round through Seedrs. At the time they had been in business for a few years, had demonstrated exponential growth in total investments through the platform (over £6M in 2018 vs £348K in 2017) as well as a near 7-fold increase in the average amount invested per investor (£8.9K in 2018 vs £1.3K in 2017) which shows that investors continue to trust Brickowner.

It was only a few months later that I decided to invest in properties on the Brickowner platform itself. After browsing through the available opportunities, I selected their Gt George Street project in central Liverpool, a 7 floor, 128-property, 5-acre site to be developed over 3 Phases. I planned to invest the minimum which is an astonishing low £100.

At aPitchDeck.com we encourage our clients to pay extra attention to the layout, design and flow of their investment pitch so I was a little disappointed that they hadn’t put more effort into enhancing their documents (investment memorandum, key information document, bond document, all of which looked like they were simple Word documents exported to PDF). Nevertheless, after reading through the documents I decided to commit.

Here are 3 things that I love about BrickOwner:

#1 - Access to massive real-estate deals for very low minimums

The entire premise behind Brickowner is to allow the smaller investors to invest in deals that have traditionally been reserved for large professional investors with very high minimum investment requirements. As you can see from my experience above, I was able to get into a massive real-estate deal (the site of the project was valued in August 2018 by Keppie Massie who projected a Gross Development Value of £22,818,000) for a minimum investment of £100.

#2 - The website interface

There’s only a few open opportunities available at any given time which doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed when I visit their website every few weeks. The cover itself is a relatively clean snapshot of all their projects showing the amount funded (or amount remaining if the investment is still open), the projected returns, a separate section for projected annual income as well as the term length. I hope they create a mobile app version soon.


#3 - The team

In general, they have been very responsive to my questions/comments via email, particularly their COO Gareth Ship. I have also noticed that their CEO Fred Bristol (who incidentally has his own Wikipedia page as the Marquess of Bristol) has fielded questions from Seedrs investors frequently, tactfully and comprehensively - all good signs of leadership.

Real-estate will always remain a preferred investment sector for both newbie and experienced investors. Brickowner offers you a shot at large multi-million dollar deals. Btw, that deal I mentioned above is still currently open for investment if you want to join me as a co-investor!

Nikhil Mandrekar