10-Slide Investor Pitch Deck


10-Slide Investor Pitch Deck


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Okay, I'm interested. So how does this work?

We dislike cookie-cutter decks as they lack personality. In order to create a custom branded deck for you, we use a combination of the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft PowerPoint or Mac Keynote using the existing color scheme from your website or logo.

Great! Here's how this process works:

Step 1: Review

You send us the existing draft of your deck. Once we receive your deck, we will review the content, the research data, the financials, the business model as well as the layout and formatting. If:

(i) You do not have a financial model built, we can create this for you (at an additional cost)

(ii) You do not have relevant market research for your business, we can provide this for you (at an additional cost)

Step 2: Refine

(i) It takes 48-72 hours to create the first draft of the new pitch deck (3-4 slides in the 1st draft) The purpose of this draft is to show the startup the design/content direction that we will be taking to move forward or make any revisions before we proceed.

(ii) After we receive feedback, we require an additional 48 hours to deliver the 2nd draft (6-7 slides in the 2nd draft)

(iii) After we receive feedback, we require an additional 24 hours to deliver the final draft (10 slides)