10-Slide Pitch Deck


10-Slide Pitch Deck


We will prepare a custom 10-slide investor presentation for your startup that will cover the following sections:
1. Introduction (Cover)
2. The Problem
3. The Solution (Product or Service)
4. The Market (if you have not conducted your market research yet, we recommend purchasing our custom market research add-on)
5. The Team
6. The Business Model or Pricing
7. The Marketing Plan
8. The Competition (if you have not conducted a competitive analysis yet, we recommend our Competition add-on)
9. The Financials ((if you have not created your financials yet, we recommend purchasing our custom financial modeling add-on)
10. End (Contact Us) 


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If you have existing drafts of your presentation please share it with us by dropping it into our DropBox link below:


If you require a deck created from scratch, we will reach out to you with a short list of questions to get started.