Startup Success Begins Here

Many startups and venture capitalists get caught up in trying to write out specific slides in an investor pitch deck according to a structure they found on the internet or in an incubator workshop.

For example, they tend to focus a lot on the problem or the opportunity slide in a startup pitch deck. Although these are important slides that should be included in any investor presentation, one of the most important elements of a solid startup investor pitch presentation is telling the story. Telling your story might sound easy, but ensuring it flows in a way that not only makes sense, but also allows you to connect with your audience isn’t that easy as it sounds.

As a result, creating pitch deck presentations is more difficult than what many startups and investors realize—especially after spending a great deal of time, money, and effort on two, three, or even four drafts. However, working with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of pitch deck specialists can help save you time, money, and also provide you with a startup pitch deck that you can’t wait to show off.

How CAN WE Help?

Completely Customized Service

Creating investor pitch presentations is just one of our many specialties. Our team of pitch deck specialists ensures a time-sensitive and completely customized service. We don’t use standardized templates in our designs, but we do take care to include your story and ensure that it is written in a unique, compelling way that not only flows smoothly from the first slide to the last, but that also grabs your audience’s attention.

Target Market Research

Not sure who your end-users are or how many there are? No problem. If you do not have the market research data for your investor pitch deck figured out, we’ve got you covered. We offer add-on market research services to not only help you find out who your audience is, but how to target them.

Appealing Design

The majority of investor presentations and business plan presentations are designed in PowerPoint or Keynote. We work with experienced (10+ years), superstar PowerPoint pitch deck designers that will help accurately capture your brand’s look and feel, and present and highlight your startup’s story in a creative and appealing way.

Creative Communication and Messaging

As angel investors ourselves who have reviewed (and created) thousands of pitch decks, we view your investor pitch presentation with an unbiased point of view, and we’ll hone in on your key objectives. We can also help you find visually creative ways to communicate your brand, your message, and your story to your target audience.

Startup Success is Our Mission

All in all, our mission is to provide time-sensitive investor advisory services to high-growth technology startups. Since 2005, we have been creating pitch presentations for both entrepreneurs as well as investors. Some of our VC clients include AngelList, Urban Mobility Labs, Catalyst Health Ventures, and Enspirity Ventures.

So, whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor, if you are looking for a superior investor pitch deck for your startup business, then get in touch with our team of pitch deck specialists today to learn more about how we can help you.