Investment Decks

Investors are notorious for having very little time. They review hundreds of pitches a year which means that you really have to make your pitch count, especially if you are planning on asking for a large investment. There are various elements to an investment pitch deck but these are the most important:

1. The Problem or Opportunity

2. The Solution

3. The Competition

4. The Market

5. The Marketing Plan

6. The Financials

7. The Team

Below, we've selected one relevant slide from different presentations to explain the though process behind a successful pitch. 

The Opportunity

Are you able to articulate the problem (or the opportunity) in as few words as possible? Do you have the numbers to back you up?


The Solution

Are you sure that your solution is relevant to a specific problem? Do you have multiple solutions for multiple problems? Why is your solution superior?


The Competition

Who are your closest 3 competitors? Have you conducted a thorough competitive analysis of them? This is an effective technique to help you understand the competitive landscape and your startup's position in the marketplace. This can also drive the appropriate strategies for price, promotions and growth. Check out our competitive mapping services


The Market

How big is your total market? How many of them can you reach? If you do not have the market research data for your pitch, check out our research services.

The Marketing Plan

You've identified your target market but how do you reach them? What are your marketing channels and the associated costs for each channel? What is your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and LTV (Life Time Value) of each customer? Do you have traction?


The Financials

At the very minimum you need to understand your cost structure. In the best-case scenario, you have the ability build out your projections for the next few years. We prefer a bottom-up approach as opposed to a top-down financial model. We build all financial models from scratch as well as custom informative graphs. Check out our data analysis and financial projections service.


The Team

It's rare to find investors who will put their money behind one individual. Every successful startup has an impressive team. Are you talking about your team's strengths?


Still not convinced?

Hear what Stonly Baptiste, a partner at New York based VC-fund had to say about our investment pitch deck services below.

Do you represent a Venture Capital Firm?

In addition to startups, we have also worked with VC firms to help them prepare a professional presentation to their Limited Partners to raise new (and larger) funds. 


We worked with a leading Boston-based VC firm Catalyst Health Ventures to help them prepare their annual investor presentation to their board. We can also prepare complex financial charts and custom portfolio management systems.