Startup Executive Summary Writing Services

Crafting a business plan is one of the most important steps in starting a business, especially if you are trying to attract investors. However, most investors won’t read past your executive summary, unless you give them a reason to..

A solid executive summary provides investors with a complete overview of the business on one page. It should also tell a story about your company and highlight the best parts of your business. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with compiling and synthesizing all aspects of their business in a clear, organized, and compelling way.

How We Provide Executive Summary Help

Our team is experienced in providing executive summary writing services. We know how to compress all aspects of your business on a single page or presentation slide quickly and efficiently.

We do this by focusing on the following:

Compile and Create

We compile all the key information and aspects of your business in a single page or presentation slide. This includes an overview of your company, team, top competitors, revenue, operations, and business phases.

Custom Graphics and Illustrations

We specialize in synthesizing all aspects and phases of your business and present them in a clean layout. We then enhance that layout with custom graphics, visual aids, and illustrations that make sense and in a clean, clear, and organized way. For example, we use graphs to provide a snapshot of your competitor landscape.

Quick Turnaround Time and Delivery

Our team of experienced executive summary writers review business plans, pull out pertinent information, and tell a compelling story about your business in a single slide. Our typical turnaround for executive summary writing services is one business day.

High-Quality Executive Summary for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs know that the executive summary is the most important piece of a business plan. Many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time and energy crafting the perfect executive summary, only for it to come up short. If your executive summary doesn’t grab investors immediately, then they likely won’t read the rest of your business plan.

By working with an experienced and trusted team of executive summary preparation experts, you can ensure that your executive summary attracts the right investors. We can help you sell the best parts of your business in as few words as possible that will surely grab and hold investors’ attention.

Get in touch today to learn more about our executive summary writing services and how we can help you.