Presentations need to find a healthy mix between content, visuals and time.

Here are some after-and-before samples of our work. The images below are samples of our finished work (the “after”). Click on each image to see what the slides looked like originally when the client hired us (the “before”). Do your slides resemble the before versions? If yes, we can help.


Sample #1 - Notice the white background, clean fonts, highlighted text and engaging visuals that we used to communicate the message on this slide. Click on the image to see how the slide looked earlier (dark gradient background with list of bullet points)

Sample #2 - Notice how the content is spaced out on this slide to improve the understanding of the ‘problem’ that this client was solving. This slide addresses a special problem - the company is stating that existing solutions actually make the problem worse. When you click on the image to see the before version, you will see that this was not easily understood by the reader.